Incredible single-page site for startups by Strikingly

So once in a while I stumble across a product that is so elegantly and beautifully designed. This year I got across to an awesome landing page for startups. The product is one of the many products created by Strikingly,Inc. Strikingly is a website builder that let you make a gorgeous, mobile-friendly, website easily and in minutes.

I love the product because I am an entrepreneur and Strikingly makes easier for me to build an astounding website in minutes. It took me less than 30 minutes to build a beautiful website. I also have all the tools needed to get my page out there. Second, the steps to build a website are just one, two, and three steps. I can produce my product; hook up a domain, and then collect signups.

Third, the editorials are possible and easiest to do. Absolutely no code or design experience needed to build a website. I can also do everything on one screen and click anything to edit, and publish instantly. In addition, I can add a contact form or email collector to my page to connect to my users directly.

Final, I love this product because of its single-page site that allows me to control the flow of content and stories that I want to tell. Unlike other website builders, Strikingly is focused specifically on mobile-friendly single page sites. This is another plus because nowadays everything is mobile, so a product like this is essential to our technology, and to our mobile age.

I will conclude by saying, single-page site are hot and this product is hot, but it’s also one of the incredible product out there for small business. The product is absolute a piece of art to me, and to our mobile age.