#TBT Reflecting on Lupita Nyong’o’s speech

My reflection on Lupita Nyong’o speech delivered by Lupita Nyong’o at the seventh annual Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon hosted by Essence magazine. I’m reflecting her speech especial what it means to me as a black woman or a black person in general.

This piece of Nyong’o’s speech is a lesson to be learned in a different way. I remember when I was young in Tanzania I wanted to be as darker as Alek Wek, when most of my friends and my relatives wanted to be as lighter as Michael Jackson. I felt confused and revolted to my friends and to my relative at the time, who were bleaching their skins. I felt they took away what I considered the most beautiful of all shades. I used to say “why, why you..you are beautiful ..I would kill for a skin like that”. Obviously, I was the kind of kid who think black is beautiful from the beginning, which is ironic because out many of my friends and my relative, they didn’t believe in this.

Now, I know to be black is more than the color of your skin. Blackness is all about your inner beauty–how you love yourself and how you love your culture and your human race no matter what color of your skin is. Also knowing that you are a black person when you don’t compare your skin color to the shade of another human race –cause what’s important is our common humanity. Being darker or being not, it’s doesn’t matter. Moreover, I know now loving your culture means you love your culture with open minded cause culture too comes in different forms like colors.

In fact, these days I love my shallow blackness more than ever especial when I’m reflecting my beautiful soul and the beautiful people around me. I see them as beautiful as they can be within their hearts and not within their skin colors. However, I don’t want to judge anyone especial the ones I’ve seen bleaching themselves back in Afrika or the ones who are looking down at black people and considering black skin as a least attractive skin. Instead I want them to challenge themselves and take the bucket challenge by loving and appreciate their own natural skin and the different shades and color of other human being. And for those who are looking down to black skin color I have only one word for them-stop being ignorant and racist.

In addition to that, I don’t want anyone to call me the light skin girl or the brown skin girl instead I want them to call me a black woman because Black is beautiful and I’m black and we all blacks, as black comes in all shades of human race so do I and so does everyone.

Find the whole speech of Lupita Nyong’o here: Speech