Aiming Higher

I want to represent my country on an international platform, more specifically on a technical conference. It is the energy derived from petroleum which propels our lives, governs our economy and somewhat shapes our lifestyle topography. Understanding this essential factor and my ambition to be a part of governing the future I after a very successful academic profile in my school scoring 91% and college 89% decided to pursue a degree in petroleum engineering. Only few months left to the completion of my degree with an outstanding CGPA of 3.6. I believe I am equipped with the fundamentals of this engineering and can pragmatically set motion to the fresh ideas seeded in my mind to be a part of shaping the future.

The petroleum industry is changing day by day as we speak. A platform likes this that provides challenging & development oriented opportunity within a dynamic and progressive environment which will help me to broaden my horizon and keep up with the trending ideas and industrial exposure. Interaction with experienced minds and professionals around the globe would also prepare me for the hurdles i might face ahead and would equip me to handle them better. Opportunities like this give birth to new ideas or solutions to existing problems which would lead towards creating safe, affordable and clean energy benefitting people from all over the world in the era of this industry crisis.

It was really a tough job because of the healthy competition among students from all over the country. But this time I have worked really hard and have done a lot of research which is the first step. I have chosen a topic on which I am going to write a technical paper and have sent its abstract to the concerned authorities. I have worked really hard to fulfill this daunting task and my teachers also helped me a lot. If selected I have to complete my paper and then I am eligible for attending the conference on the behalf of my country. The details of my submission are shown below.

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