everlasting memories

Some days were just amazing and they leave everlasting memories in your life. Amal excursion trip was one of them. The travelling to the Safari Park seems not a good idea because of high temperature but when we reached the things changed. . I came to know more about fellows and have more interaction with them. I was a tour guide of grand mosque which is newly built and is 8th largest in the world and have state of the art structure.

The places we explored was the safari park, Bahria Masjid and the Tower and then we have a family dinner. We saw the team power in fun moments too. One person cannot enjoy alone and the all fellows were really good.

That was quiet effective in order to manage your work and entertainment together. First of all , we need to complete the work then we can enjoy the life with our beloved family and friends. Overall It was a perfect day. Thanks to the management and the amal team for providing such a great and diverse platform.

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