Life’s Philosophy

Lying on the ledge, looking at the sky, wondering at the world and why I was in it, I would think “ Why I have been sent here? To do what?” My mother would come to the doorway and scold me for being awake so late, “what do you think about all night?” I had nothing to tell her. Disjointed matters shuffled and reshuffled in my head.

This is exactly what happened to me most of the times when I am in my home. In summers usually I, my father and my mother used to sleep on the roof and I kept staring at the stars and sky for hours and hours. Let me tell you a secret of mine, I don’t know whether it is a common phenomenon with every child or just I am the special one. During my childhood when I close my eyes I see the cluster of galaxies and stars moving and it was an amazing scene and literally and I missed that part of my childhood the most. I also thought about many things like “suppose if I am not born and then what am I doing this time on the seventh sky? What if there is more than one God? If there are more Earths like ours then what? What if I live in the era of Stone Age? How’s my life if I was a Prince of Mughal Empire?” Then I make some future plans of becoming a successful person by shortcuts not by the hard work. Then I ended up in dreams where I was enjoying a ride on Range Rover with my parents who are very happy and satisfied with me.

But in the reality I have worked very hard throughout my life and my parents have always been along my side through thick and thin and now I am on the edge of that success about which I have always dreamt of.

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