Do You Even Care About Your Ancestors Anymore? (A True Story…)

The strongest inspiration realized to human being is from its own ancestry. We spend our lives seeking role models, people we can look up to, especially in our own family as we relate to them at high levels. Human brain can easily decode and replicate the traits of a known individual, who has shown signs of a great character. This very search began in my life in my early twenties. Each one of us hosts a desire to leave a legacy, to leave a mark on this planet, to leave a name people can remember after we depart from this transient world. It is this pursuit of Greatness that makes us excel at school, strive to attain a well-respected career and be the biggest supporter of our loved ones.

I found such an inspiring personality in my mother’s ancestry; a personality which portrayed nothing but character, a personality whose biggest trait was his loyalty, a personality who believed in the power of high self-esteem. Let me introduce you to none other than my Grandfather, Ch. Jalil ur Rehman (Abu Jee).

Even though Abu Jee left this planet in January 2016, his life serves as an example to me and many others in this world today. I recently conducted an interview with my uncle (my mother’s brother), Shakil ur Rehman to help you, me and the whole world have a better understanding of the principles of life followed by Abu Jee. These very principles made him an unforgettable Grandfather, Father, Son and most importantly an ever-living human being. I hope these glimpses of his life will serve as inspiration to you…

Relationships Over Wealth: Abu Jee was given opportunities to gain substantial fortunes from inheritance of family property, but he was unlike most of us. He realized the importance of relationships, where most of us would go after the worldly treasures, he chose relationships over everything. He set an example and showed by his actions that wealth can be accumulated over and over again, but true relationships are the actual treasure of life. I remember as it was yesterday, when he would pay special attention to a 10 year old boy, like he would to an adult. His attention and continued effort to sow into people has made me what I am today. It has inspired me and I am sure it will inspire you to be the “Abu Jee” in your family. I hope this encourages you to emulate his life so when you leave this world, there is someone writing about you, there is someone reminiscing every moment of your life, there is someone who has you as their role model.

A Man of Patience: Whenever I lose temper, whenever I get angry, whenever I have minimal control on my emotions there is one incident that surfaces in my mind. This incident was narrated by my mother from her early twenties. She had done something that was not very pleasing to Abu Jee, and what was his reaction to that? Very unlike of any other human being, he stayed quiet, he stayed calm and he controlled his emotions. All he did was just conversing minimal to my mother. He only addressed his concerns when my mother sensed that there was a disconnect in the relationship. The result, an increased respect in the eyes of my mother for him, an increased respect in my eyes for him, an increased respect in everyone’s eyes who is reading this article. I hope one day I can emulate him, and I really hope one day all of us can emulate these amazing personality traits and become the inspiration and an ever-living memory for this world and our families.

Abu Jee will stay alive in my heart until I die, he will be my guide to living this life on true principles, and he will be the inspiration to better myself every day. I now wish that somehow life would give me an opportunity to spend just a few moments with him, for the dreams he appears in regularly are not enough…

Shakil ur Rehman (Lead Contributor)

Suleman Haris (Editor)