Who Wants to Live a Long, Healthy & Happy Life?

Mankind has always desired to remain immortal. It has always attempted to find ways to stay on this planet forever. Kings in the past would appoint special personnel to explore herbs facilitating their longevity. The same endeavor is present in today’s world, where extensive research is conducted to increase the life expectancy of humans. A few years ago, I took it upon myself to discover the habits of people, who not only live a long life but also cherish a life filled with fulfillment and happiness. To be honest, it has been a search with little success until a few months ago. Fall of 2016 led me to a very deep and revealing conversation with one of my neighbors. Let me introduce you to my next door neighbor, Beatrice (Bea).

Bea and I have had brief interactions which involved the usual greetings. It was not until September 2016, where she revealed some of the most precious life lessons and reasons for her exuberant personality. To tell you a little bit about Bea — She is 96 years old, lives by herself in a well-manicured house. It doesn’t matter when you see Bea; I can guarantee you that she will have a BIG smile on her face. You will find her almost every day leaving her house to either go for coffee or visiting her relatives. She is completely self-sufficient and has nothing to talk about except positive affirmations and cheerful memories.

I had known NO other person at this age with such an amazing quality of life, and let me assure you that it has nothing to do with money as Bea is not a millionaire. I decided to interview her on what is the secret of her healthy, happy and fulfilling life. She was generous enough to reveal these secrets. Now, I am sure you are anxiously waiting to hear about them so you can leverage them in your own life and experience the same results. Here they are:

1) TODAY HAS ENOUGH PROBLEMS OF ITS OWN. DON’T OVERWHELM YOURSELF WITH WHAT TOMORROW’S CHALLENGES ARE — Integration of unnecessary information in almost every aspect of our life has given birth to the plague of stress. Email notifications appear in our cell phones while we are trying to spend quality time with our family. Exposure to digital advertisements while traveling to work provokes us to think of next year’s vacation plans. The constant reminders in our digital calendars keep harassing us of Doctor’s appointment for next week. All this has created a culture where we humans feel a need to occupy our brain with what tomorrow has to bring. The result of which is dysfunctional relationships, increased levels of stress and an unhappy life.

2) DON’T COMPLAIN ABOUT ANYTHING IN LIFE, NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR IT — If you haven’t noticed yet, pay close attention to what more than fifty percent of the conversations at work and at home are based upon. A sheer desire to talk about aspects of life which are not working, an effort to bring up the dysfunctions of life, an attempt to shed light on the problems rather than the solutions. Do you ever recall a time when you have felt excited about hearing other person’s problems. I am sure you offered your complete attention and support to console your colleague, your close friend or your significant other. But, has it made you feel happier and excited after listening to someone complain for half an hour how their spouse is lazy, or how the weather has been so cold for the last 2 weeks. Positive discussions create positive energy, and positive energy leads to positive actions and a more fulfilling life.

3) COMPLIMENT AND SMILE AT PEOPLE, NO ONE DOES THAT ANYMORE — Next time you step out of your house to attend a business meeting or gather at a family reunion, notice how many people are engaged in complimenting each other and exuding a positive energy. I have a more important question for all of us — how much does it cost to compliment someone or put a smile on our face? How much effort does it take to become a little more positive about life? Are we not failing as a society to generously impart this gift onto each other? Have you ever thought the reason humans are refraining from adopting this demeanour? Positive energy is contagious, just a smile on your face can create and enrich many smiles in just the course of a day. I encourage you to try it.

PLAN OF ACTION: Accessing useful information, especially from people who have experienced life at a higher level, is precious. You know what is more precious than that? The willingness to incorporate this information in our own lives, so when we leave this world there is someone speaking of the impact we made. Beatrice, has seen 5 generations in her family and I can assure you that people have nothing but positive to say about her. Don’t you want to be the Beatrice in your family? Don’t you want to be the Beatrice in your social circle? Don’t you want to be the Beatrice at work? I suspect the answer is YES! If it is, then please make a commitment that every time you are overwhelmed with the worries of tomorrow, you will make yourself aware and drop them instantly and focus on what you can do today to change your life situation. That every time you feel an urge to complain about your problems to your spouse or colleague, you will shut your mouth and keep it to yourself. That every time you meet someone, you will genuinely try to compliment them and greet them with a smile. I assure that if you incorporate these lessons from Beatrice’s life in your own, your life will take a dramatic detour to the highway of happiness.

*Thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to read this Article. I look forward to your thoughts on this subject*

Beatrice and I (March 2017)