Lahore Knowledge Park (LKP): Seeking Strategic Partnership for Success in Knowledge Economy

The objective is to develop and create linkages and synergy between academia and the corporate world in areas that feed into the global knowledge industry. The basic concept is envisaged to create growth hubs of related academic and industry sectors including the Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Management Sciences and Science and Technology (S&T) arenas among others. Moreover, the park is to exist as a stand-alone entity whilst keeping the traditional international parks standards of ‘a space for collaboration between academia, Research and Development (R&D), and industry’.

The concept of LKP is to go beyond traditional Knowledge Parks and extend into creating a true “Knowledge Market” in the region, where individuals, organizations and industry can exchange knowledge based products in a fair and open market.

Individuals, Universities and Research Organizations interested in registering in “LKP knowledge-Market” may contact me for further information.

With regards

Prof Dr. Suleman A. Lodhi