Let’s Go All In!

So this is my first post on Medium, I can’t really say I am new to this online diary vibe but it has been a while since I wrote anything besides emails and texts.

One of the reasons I chose to get back into writing is the therapeutic feel I receive from it, just a moment to get thoughts out of my head and into reality, I sometimes feel like J.D from Scrubs, narrating everything that goes in my life, but the time for that is over, its time for me to let loose and just type.

For a while now I’ve been connecting with a lot of people who have in someway left a mark on me without them knowing, and one person in particular is my brother Marlon August, a two time Olympian, an All Africa Champion, an entrepreneur, son, brother,husband and most importantly a man of honour! I’ve looked up to him for years, but only recently have I begun to understand the magnitude of the man. Recently we were in Brazil to watch him compete at the Olympics in Rio and I must say that was possibly one of the proudest moments of my life, the reason for that was, he had retired from judo after the Olympics in Beijing, but felt that bug of wanting to push himself bite again. He put it all on the line to pursue his dream of one more Olympics, he battered his body and put his mind at complete strain, but as you know he made it to compete in his final Olympics. Watching him endure what he has to achieve his dreams/goals made me realise that sometimes our dreams are not as daunting as we may believe, its actually just a matter of getting up and getting at it, no matter what.

So this post is in honour of my brother, his amazing feats have allowed me to begin my own journey of going all IN!!!!

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