Aventus — Transparent Ticketing Industry

Hello guys, 2017 probably the bright year for newcomers project because we have seen lot of success project with good volume everyday and new projects are coming up with their new innovation and ideas to attract new investors to invest on their project.

Unfortunately, scam project with silly roadmap and failed when listed on exchanges also flooded up in crypto currency market which makes you to open your eyes and stay updated with news on certain projects to keep you update also you can minimize the risk for getting scammed.

I will recommend you a project which probably has a bright future and success while listed on exchanges, also I’m really sure with this unique innovation can help many people.
The project is Aventus : https://aventus.io/

What is Aventus ?

Aventus is a platform where you can track fraud ticketing activities and eliminate them to make your business/show more efficient, also you can manage your events with less costs.

This is a good idea for those who would like to make an events but afraid for fraud from third person seller which resell their tickets, Aventus is your solution you can also get commisions on secondary market sales.

How it Works ?

First of all, you need to sign up your event to Aventus website. Create your tickets for anything you want like Ticket concert, discount, prize draw, vouchers etc. With Aventus Innovation, you shouldn’t afraid for getting fraud because this is really safe.

If you don’t want to make your ticket resold-able you can set it in here and make your ticket only available when buy directly on your site which this is really good for those who hate reseller to sell your ticket with higher price than yours.

Also you can set price for every ticket you sale. The best feature is you can set a fee that you earn from every resale done, this is recommended for those who like to earn commission for every resale so it’s win 2 win.

Promote your event maybe a burden task to do because you need costs to do that, but with Aventus with Leverage blockchain based micro payments you can create reward schemes to attract more buyer also reduce your costs.

To avoid fraud, when someone on the events. The team will verify the tickets bought from the site with scan the bar code on the tickets so if someone make a fake ticket, it’s easily identify with Aventus’ app on a smartphone.

Aventus’ Roadmap

When the crowdsale start and How much total supply for crowdsale ?

Photo taken 23 June 2017 , 03:25 PM GMT +7

Crowdsale starts on 19 July 2017 15:00 UTC, only runs for 5 days so this is a limited time to invest on Aventus during crowdsale. Better to take a note and write this so you won’t forget the crowdsale xD .

The crowdsale minimum goal of $6 million (24,490 ETH), with a target of $15 million (42,857 ETH) with total supply 10,000,000 (6,000,000 for Crowdsale) for 128 AVT per ETH thorough the period.
Here is the supply breakdown :

Thanks for reading guys.

Useful links :
Official Website :
Blog : https://blog.aventus.io/
Slack : https://slack.aventus.io/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/aventussystems