Remove the masks

People are always unhappy. The ones who used money. From all the colors of our lives being stolen. Those who do not use ideology properly. From people who seem to care about others' lives and who do not care about them, people who are waiting to get on the road, people who are waiting to ride in, trying to get in without getting in, trying to get rid of their trash and core shells, throwing away trash or pouches a meter away, From the test system deviating from the mask. From my education system, which can not develop people, my family who lives in what neighbors say. From the periphery that does not care about my thoughts. In fact solutions presented as solutions create a new problem, bomb explosion everywhere in the country. From the ignorance that women are so devalued in this country, that men are the ones who can not do it, they earn less money than men, they clean the house while men are sleeping, and the rest of the man is a woman who needs to clean the dishes. They were both forced to work and do all the housework, As he walked on the road, he was spit at the end, taking a last breath from the cigarette and blowing it into the dolmun, from the animals being treated murderingly. From those who can not build empathy. From relatives who are constantly looking for mistakes. The fact that people who do not have the right to speak in other people’s lives want to intervene in their lives and that the cost of everything has increased so much that children and women have suffered constant social, psychological and economic harm, almost no one cares about the economy being continually deteriorating. Increasing the number of female murders, Unsatisfactory unsalted, Hormonal vegetables and fruits forced to eat, Continuously changing sides, Trying to pervert the subject, Journalists who do not tell the truth, From the obstacles of reaching out to the Turks around the world. Because everyone is selfish

The fact that the labor of the workers is not given up, and the worse is the slave. All the forests and green areas are concreted, the trees are cut and the road is made, the lakes are dried to make the dam, the agricultural land is destroyed. A little inside of people who do not have love. The fact that sana is not important. Because the world is on the brink of the third world war. Every day from the news of death. From the fact that no one is aware of anything. Every day, more and more the devaluation of the artists, the journalists, the writers are put into prison for the simplest reasons, the continuous increase in all services, the increase in the salaries at the same time, the money I buy from the money I earn, Because of the increased taxation, not to make public transportation free. Because no one has stepped on anything without making a voice to impose. Because the rate of reading books in my country is very small. Because your human being is so cheap ... and I have had a lot more to do.

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