Sulge: First Mobile Minable Automated Market-Making DEX

Welcome to the beginning….

Have you ever wished that you invested in cryptocurrency early enough?, when the price of bitcoin was less than a dollar. The truth is that you are not to be blamed, you are a human and most humans are always suspicious of new inventions. Many of us heard about bitcoin but pay little or no attention to it. Some of us were observing from the side but were scared to involve our funds. Few, just few people were interested enough to mine or invest. Today, the story has changed, many have joined, but missed out on the cryptocurrency revolution. Before most of us joined, the most juicy fruits has been harvested. Many early investors and miners became billionaires and millionaires. Today, mining crypto is no more the way it use to be, it is harder and involves lots of money and resources to do. Investing on the other hand is risky, some investors ends up getting scammed or left with cryptos with no value nor demand.

Sulge is recreating the beginning, to enable everyone, regardless of technical aptitude, to fully participate in cryptocurrency.


Sulge is a mobile minable automated market-making DEX, that uses an advanced technology, to allow users mine cryptocurrency on their phone without draining their battery. It uses the proof of significance Mechanism (POS), to dynamically allocate Sulge to member nodes, depending on their significance. Anyone with mobile phone can mine, stake, and own Sulge. No need for expensive miners, or supercomputers.

Sulge being the first ever mobile minable automated market-making DEX, combines the best of mobile mining, yield farming, staking and other valuable features, some of which includes

Self-Paying Loan

You can get an instant loan of up to 60% of your staked Sulge in SLUSD while your staked Sulge earns interest in the background. Your debt will be paid off completely automatically over time.

No Team Token

The norm with most crypto projects is that they allocate some percentage of the coin/token to the founders/team, this in itself if properly managed, is not an issue, it is right and just. The issue is that most team members sells too fast and dump the token/coin on unsuspecting buyers without any plan of developing their platform further. In Sulge, there’s no token allocated to the founders, we will all mine like everyone else. We believe that this will strengthen the ecosystem.

Mobile Miner

The problem with mining crypto nowadays, is that it involves lots of funds and resources. Some big players spends as much as a million dollar to setup crypto mining rigs. This deters newbies in crypto sphere who cannot afford such amount but Sulge makes mining crypto easy, with just access to mobile phone, you are good to mine Sulge without even draining your battery.

Sulge Token

Sulge (SUG) is the native utility token in Sulge Ecosystem, it will be used to pay for the transaction fees and synthetic issuance services on SugSwap. It will enable stakeholders to take part in the decision making process regarding the platform (e.g. vote on the creation of new markets or the usage of exchange fees).

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Sulge is the first mobile minable automated market-making DEX, that uses an advanced technology to allow users mine cryptocurrencies on their mobile phone.