How Do You Define“Rich” In Under 2 Minutes?

You will find my attempt below.

I initially wrote this poem last week and saved it into my drafts, over the course of the week it eventually evolved into the video at the end, as I wanted to use images and video as a visual aid to elaborate the message. The only similarities between the poem below and the video is the 5th line, but sentiment remains the same enjoy.

How do you define “Rich”?
Wages, status, numbers in a cheque book pages?
They say the graveyard is one of the world’s wealthiest places
Because that’s where you find the ideas that never become reality.
So before you call yourself poor? How do you define “Rich”?
Is it the places you never got to travel to, or the games you never got to play with, while you were too busy chasing a payslip?
Rich men are those that live the life than they wish for.
Not the one they given.
You ain’t rich, if your money doesn’t bring you freedom.
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