I used to be scared of The Candy MAN
Used to be scared of The Boogey MAN
Now I’m scared of MAN.
I don’t believe in nationality, I believe in humanity!
What will it take for us to acknowledge that we are family?
Would you press the barrel to the head of your mother? Imagine, if bullets rained on your son as he ran for cover?
Aren’t you aware that when one of us falls, so do we all?
I’m sick of waking up to bad news.
It’s like “R.I.P to all the victims of
The monsters no longer live under my bed, or appear in the mirror when I say their name 5 times.
They live next door, and I may walk past them every day.
In the streets, or share a seat on the train,may even indulge in a brief exchange.
Now tell me, what is scarier than that?
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