MORNING THOUGHTS - Creating For You (my current creative mindset)

Two days ago, I released “SLUM POETRY”. Yesterday, I went on a brief rant on twitter explaining the thoughts impacting my current creative mindset.

Adapted from my twitter feed @sulibreaks

“Finally a morning, where I’m not hustling in-between the bathroom and the kitchen while deciding what to wear and eat at the same time

Let’s talk SLUM POETRY:

1.Not an EP/album,just poems
2.Title derives frm “Slam Poetry”
3.Not for everyone
4.Actually, nt for anyone just ME!

To elaborate on point 3 & 4.

In digital space there comes this inherent pressure to create content which has a “viral” appeal.

In the context of “spoken word vids” it becomes a focus on subject matter.

What’s popular?
What’s controversial?
What’s relatable?

As an artist/individual, you become aware of these trends and it’s hard not to become focused on these conversations when creating content.

So there is this thin line between creating influenced by an external “success criteria” and the internal desire to share.

Over the years, I’ve been constantly back and forth on both sides of that line. I can openly admit.

But, I have found that I have always made the content i am most proud of, when i have focused on creating out of necessity rather than utility.

(that last line was deep shit.. @ me if you quote it)

Anyway,over the last year or so [since adopting NARM (not a role model) as a philosophy] I have found success by focusing on creating for me, not others.

My biggest fears being how it would affect me, \\didn’t manifest at all and I have only managed to rise higher and higher.

The only real consequence” is you have to acknowledge that the shit you make is not gonna to be for everybody!

You will lose some ppL…but hopefully, you will gain more..

…who really understand your mission and who you are.

Anyway, moral of the story/rant:

  • ..and SUPPORT DA TING!

Stream “Slum Poetry” on Soundcloud HERE.