Sometimes I Compare Life And NETFLIX..

Most people want to get by using someone else’s subscription, but then get upset, when that person changes their password. Or you guys fight over something and using their account becomes awkward?
Growing up I could only watch whatever was currently on the TV, and this is something I accepted.
But after being introduced to the world of NETFLIX, I wonder, is having “choice” simply a matter of being willing to pay the extra price?
One thing I do know for sure, is that in life “choice” costs a lot more than $7.99.
And am I ever really making my own decisions, or is life just an illusion of choice?
Because, although I am “choosing” what to watch, I can still only watch the programs Netflix owns the rights to. And it’s constantly recommending to me that since, I watched [INSERT TV SHOW], then [INSERT TV SHOW] is something I might like to.
Which I do end up liking, and spend the next 3 days binge watching.
One thing is for certain, you will always have to pay a price, for any freedom to choose.