How to supercharge your writing process with AI and chatGPT

Stéphane Sulikowski
6 min readFeb 12
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Chat GPT is still in beta at the moment I write these lines but it’s already present every day in articles, podcasts, youtube, and other media.

As you can imagine, for a content producer, it can be seen as the greatest enemy, or as the Holy Grail! I saw a lot of comments saying that Chat GPT can write great articles talking about any subject, but no, in fact, it can’t.

To be honest, of course, I tried to use chat GPT for content creation, and it didn’t work so well. The structure of the generated article was good, and the writing was really impressive, but there were some senses or details that didn’t match. Also in the article, you could see writing patterns that were not « natural ».

So, what to expect about AI?

Or maybe, let’s discuss what to not expect!

AI will not create new content from scratch.

It uses complex algorithms based on statistics and mathematics to select parts of its knowledge and rephrase it to answer the request. I could compare that to the use of a huge Zettelkasten to produce content based on a massive indexed and linked pool of content.

That means that it will reuse part of the knowledge to create a new article made of existing things, but it will not add any personal reflection.

AI will not write a complete complex code for an application

Also, ChatGPT will not code a complete app from scratch.

It will answer a request for a simple app, for example, a to-do app written in react.

But when I asked to write a complete calendar app in swift for an iPhone, ChatGPT answers that it was out of its scope. But as you can see below, it tries to help by giving tips and a guideline to produce this app.

Unfortunately, writing the complete code for a full-fledged calendar app for an iPhone would be a massive undertaking and goes beyond the scope of a single answer. However, I can provide you with a basic outline and some key components that could get you started on creating your own calendar app:

Here’s some sample code for…

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