I’m here

So, why did I just create a blogging account? I thought I had something to say to everyone else on this planet. But, now that I’m on the spot about it, all I can think of is “live long and prosper”.

Actually, I do have something to say. I’m sure it’s not what I was planning to say when I thought of making the account, but it’s something I really want to say to everyone else on this planet. It’s “stop being pedantic”. I was talking idly with someone the other day and happened to use a linguistic construct that they thought was dated. I looked it up on the Internet, and, lo and behold, it was indeed listed as “non-standard”. And my reaction at that point was, “so what?”. I grew up reading Robert Luis Stevenson and other classics, so, yes, I do use phrasing that others might consider colorful or dated from time to time. I apologize in advance if everyone else doesn’t “get” my lingo here and there. Apology notwithstanding, I consider that my responsibility ends when I’ve uttered the words. It’s entirely up to the listener whether they want to try harder to comprehend my meaning, or ask a follow-up question, or just ignore the incident and hope that whatever I said wasn’t that important anyways (the latter being the course of action which I would take myself in such a situation).

So, live long and prosper, and don’t be pedantic.

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