The 1996 Article Every Millennial Should Read
Savannah L. Barker

It should be noted that Hillary’s policy’s choices have been real, and she does not have a stellar record of standing up for the marginalized:

  • Hillary helped gut welfare in the 1990s, putting her at odds with the Children’s Defense Fund
  • Hillary helped pass the Crime Act, which is wholly responsible for America’s prison industrial complex
  • Hillary helped “shape” No Child Left Behind, which withheld rather that provided resources to schools that performed poorly on standardized tests
  • Hillary voted for the USA Patriot Act, twice, which wasted billions on catching zero terrorists, but has allowed at least 10 NSA agents to spy on their significant others
  • Hillary voted for the Iraq war, a $6 trillion mistake that cost us thousands of lives, and hundreds of thousands of lives in the Middle East, while also destabilizing the region and causing ISIS to form
  • Hillary voted for the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004, the biggest special interest handout in American history (also, it created no jobs — often layoffs)
  • Hillary voted for a bill pushed by big banks to make it more difficult for everyday Americans to file bankruptcy
  • Hillary voted to allow cluster bombs in civilian areas
  • Hillary voted to expand offshore drilling
  • Hillary supports fracking
  • Hillary supports the death penalty, a cruel punishment in an imperfect legal system biased against the poor and minorities and the mentally weak
  • Hillary voted to bail out the banks after they knowingly how made bad loans and then bet on whether those loans would fail. She has not called for prosecuting the bankers involved or breaking up the banks so they can’t do it again; she considers the CEO of Goldman Sachs a close personal friend.
  • Hillary previously planned to coordinate with her super PAC, but when public opinion demanded otherwise, Hillary and the DNC lifted the Obama rule against accepting lobbyist money and created a joint fundraising campaign that allows Hillary to accept donations of up to $330,000.

Your assumption that millennials aren’t seeing Hillary through a gendered lens is insulting — millennials are seeing her through that lens, and we are wishing she had a history of making better policy choices (and proposals) so we could support her.