Streaming Music is Ripping You Off
Sharky Laguana

Of all things happening in this world, not for once did I stop and think about the effects of streaming. In regards to royalties and the artists being compensated accordingly, I don’t believe it is the consumer’s responsibility to enact change — or even care. We simply want unlimited access to music from our favorite musicians. I want to pay $10 monthly and be able to listen to every song Trey Songz has ever put out. I want to listen to old school Bachata at any given moment. I want to know that for $120 a year I have access to albums that would have otherwise cost me $10-$18 each. I want a bargain or the illusion of such. Because that’s what paid streaming is to the consumer, a bargain.

Consumers support their favorite musicians/artists in intangible ways. We advocate on Twitter, we promote our favorite artist’s brand, we blast their songs at ungodly levels as we ride through a neighborhood. We spend MONEYYYYY on concerts, paying $300 to sit in the nosebleeds if need be (yes, for Romeo Santos). It is not the consumer’s responsibility to ensure the musicians are making money. We are not their contract analysts. Let the attorneys battle this out.