Amal Problem Solving Challenge: Helping Edhi Foundation

“Help someone to help everyone”

Edhi Foundation

Edhi is the name of love for everyone. He remained the unsung hero of 2 generations and the third generation recognized him as a hero. After his death, Edhi foundation is facing the problem of funding. I and my 7 group mates (Abdullah Shad, Abdul Rehman, Sufyan Azhar, Muhammad Faizi, Ali Arslan, Muhammad Muneeb Abid and Ahmad Karam) took this as a problem/challenge after completing the online course: Amal steps to problem solving and called a meeting. During the meeting, we discussed solutions keeping in view the steps of problem-solving by Amal. So, we found that there are 2 major and approachable ways through which we can efficiently help Edhi foundation. These steps are (a) fundraising (b) motivating others to help Edhi foundation by own.

Be the upper hand

Therefore, to implement both solutions, we planned for fundraising in the main market and hostels of the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad though we were restricted to raise funds in the institute. We met students and asked for the funds for the Edhi Foundation and motivated them to help Edhi Foundation as now it is facing problems and needs your support. We collected the funds and submitted to the Edhi Center, Faisalabad.

Asking for the funds was the unique experience for us and we learned that funding for any social cause is not an easy job. It requires your commitment and hard work to convince people as some people taunted us, passed comments on us and denied giving donations but we remained committed to our work. Another thing we learned was the internal peace. We all members faced blessings of Almighty ALLAH the whole day.

Thanks to all who donated

So, I believe that we have done the chunk of our responsibility and we hope that we will continue this in the future.

That’s what I’ve to say………