Explore purpose of life

Purpose gave a meaning to your life. It gave you right direction. Without purpose life is like a kite hanged in air. Spend some time with yourself to know who are you? What are you doing? Are you satisfied with your acts? Then you will get the answers and some time these answers would be really shocking for us because we think we are on the right path but reality is something else.

I am in learning stage. So to explore purpose of life and some realities, I shared some tips that I learned from AMAL with my brother. He is working as a teacher at Aims college.

Donot talk badly about the Company and about your Bos

Take a control of your relationship with your Boss and other Team Member

Put your time in: Everyone start doing grunt work till trust is proven

Embrace change and reflect on what you are learning daily

He admired, these points are reality based. Everyone who is stepping in professional life should know about these realities. He really appreciated my steps towards professional life. He said we should be patient, honest and hardworking. Accept every challenge with new energy then you will succeed. Always think positive because the next person get reflection of our inner feelings. It is in our hand who we direct our relations. So be positive and be happy.

He wants to serve his nation where most of youth builders also need to water their roots because they are only running in a race and forget about their actual duties. He wants to open a school in in his village to provide quality education at their door step. He said do not forget your roots and everyone should play role to improve his hometown and even the entire community. Help everyone in every possible way. Then you will learn about real happiness.

So be positive be happy

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