Polish your life by having a mentor

We need a direction that leads towards success. Without right direction life is like a blind man who strikes his head on the wall. Person who pave your path towards is a mentor. He show you the directions where you have to move and how you will move. He give you energy to go far in the path to meet your success.

I am feeling very proud to talk about my brother who pave my path towards success. He always gave me energy to fight with hardships of life. He is a very honest and straightforward man but many people used his honesty and patience as his weakness. He always love to help others. Many times he faced losses but still he is positive.

In the childhood I thought my brother is non serious in his studies and he is careless. But time showed me he is a patient person and has kind heart.

When I completed my BS(H) my family was facing financial crisis but my brother sold his property to continue my education. He said time is very important in the student life. Do not waste your time and make your career. Similarly at the same time I was facing health issue. Many times my brother took me to the doctor in the midnight. Me and my brother relationship is very beautiful. He is ten years older than me but we are friends just like same ages.

He gave me the lesson of honesty, positivity and commitment. He is a practical example for me, be positive and be happy.