Among the din of ‘demonetization’, Dangal starring Amir Khan has posted 300+ crores business on Box Office. Should it not find the place in the Guinness Book of World Records! The rush on the crush for the film shows how desperate our public is to falsify their woes on the ground. ‘Tragi-comedy’ films are on the rife in our times. In Greek tradition of Aristotle, comedy was for bad strata of the society. It was a great anathema to sober, sophisticated class of people. Now trend has reversed. All these comedians are our heroes and prism of energies who set the paradigms of our life.

In our times and nation, bungles of ‘Dangal’ and show of ‘Sultan’ are the criteria teaching public to come out of their suppressed conditions and make the way . How far this apparently inspiring stories could change the situation of any ordinary when the whole situation is uninspiring and sordidly insipid. The stories like these two blockbusters are the figment of imagination of ‘self-actualizing’ the self. Even ‘self-actualization’ has its limits or this process starts after basic amenities are made available to one and all on equal terms.

Ironically, we let this situation go unabated intentionally for such ‘entertainers’ have a field day churning out stories on our ‘socio-politico-economic’ woes and gullible masses are satisfied with imagination of better tomorrows. In other words, minus our woes of above kinds, there won’t be any story to tell and ‘entertainers’ would be out of business. Interestingly, these entertainers and their political masters have decided to keep the situation ‘status-quo’ to earn out of general pessimism and plight.

The stage is set and marquee is made and never to change. If any thing has to change, it is the ‘dangal’ against our weirdest ways that creates ‘Dangal’ in reel life and not in the real one.

Sultan Akhtar Patel