Before being impressed by any personality of your imagination, adaptation and emulation, put him on the touchstone of our beloved Prophet (pbuh) and you will find our Prophet (pbuh) on the highest pinnacle of virtues and that personality would seem lagging behind or simply miserably failed in any one of the factors of human character. If you have true appreciation and sense of digging into unfathomable reservoir of our beloved Prophet (pbuh), you will never be influenced by anyone; be it spiritual or temporal.
We must imagine the below mentioned characteristics of our beloved Prophet (pbuh):

* Attitude of gratitude
* Attitude of accommodativeness
* Attitude of amnesty
* Attitude of tolerance
* Attitude of appreciation
* Attitude of forthrightness 
* Attitude of virtues
* Attitude of hunger for the Truth
* Attitude of knowing the Almighty
* Attitude of patience and perseverance
* Attitude of pleasantness, and so on and on.......(infinity)

My beloved Prophet (pbuh) stands tall to be seen by one and all. My beloved Prophet (pbuh) made a clarion call from the Mount of Makkah that O Yeh humans! Say there is no god but God and you all will find success.

My beloved Prophet (pbuh) made consistently 'pro-active' efforts of bringing both Christians and Jews round with the best of examples, abilities and sincerities. The holy Quran stands in testimony of that fine attitude of my beloved Prophet (pbuh).

Consequently, remove and rub all those individualities riding over your heart and let alone ride the beloved Prophet (pbuh) over your heart and mind and see the new vision and horizon of thinking opens before you, in sha Allah!

Sultan Akhtar Patel
(Penned and posted at 3:10am)