In the midst of PSL (Pakistan Super League) and arrests of few Pakistani players for spot fixing is contemptuous of Pak branded cricketers of the past and the present. They have been doing this nasty things since the time when cricket was a sedate game of sportsmanship belonged to gentlemen’s folks. This is not a new phenomenon with them. Some famous were knowingly let off even after Nadeem Ahmed’s report. The current rise of Indian players through IPL give their pakistani counterparts a 'jealosy syndrome' never to heal but to seal for the time being in a comparative money mode by engaging into spot fixing for quick fortunes!

When Mohammed Amir was reinducted after serving the ban, some players and pundits have vociferously protested the move. Now they stand taller by their claim than those sided with the emotions of righting the wrong. Because Pakistani players, barring spotless like Afridi, Minandad and Imran Khan and to name a few, are all like rotten eggs. They are very shallow in performance,shoddy in deals.Consequently, rancid smell of 'fixing' emanates, time and again, from their camp only to smear and smudge the entire game.

Pakistani cricketers have never been serious about the game. Even in presence of talents they wasted the game on the verge of victory and rendered defeated. Cricket and for that matter any sports are a mix of temperament and tendency of prevailing over the adversary. Temperament can take you to the jaw of win but without tendency you can never be consistent. This is what is happening in Pakistan Cricket at present.

What is the solution then?! They must keep the national pride riding over the crest. Regardless of who is coming to their land or not and they have to keep playing away from home, the game of cricket needs to be played by them with all focus, talents, temperament, tendency and without the slightest compromise. All these characteristics, if imbibed in their guts and gumption, can win them the glory if at all they have had in the past and their present dispensation is dreaming and drumming about!

Sultan Akhtar Patel

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