Shame on Sham!

Jai Jawan is the refrain given by LBShashtri

the only Prime Minister died in debt wrote by Arthashashtri

Our Present Prime Minister is changing clothes 10 times

in order to look urbane and progressive umpteen times

The common man of RK Laxman is ending up on the roads and in the lines of Banks

There is no traces of accounts of cleanliness on the river of Ganges banks

Jawan is being falsefully eulogized in functions and fairs

and left to fend for himself on borders withour cares

All those Ministers and geriatric President in the cold of Delhi stay armed with wollens

Why Jawans are not given enough protection and dying like dungeouns and dragons?!

Without doubt our soldiers are Jai Jawan

But there should be three 'rues' for Hai Haiwans(animals=Ministers)!

Sultan Akhtar Patel

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