What is 'THOUGHT’?!

Thought sets out word

from the mouth of even dullard

Thought races you against time

and bangs you on the wall with a head thinking of dime

Thought makes or mars your life

by thinking 'pros' and 'cons' you like

I wonder why people think out of bounds being literary

is it not the show of 'egotism' away from playing literally?!

Thought makes human out of good thoughts

Thoughts create society, nations, cultures and cohorts

Why woman these days thinks below the chastity belt?!

thinking herein lies the areas that bespeak her freedom of welt

by which she is out to lashing the man who gave her years of subjugation, suppression and oppression beyond compunction!

Some grain of truth and some train of thoughts that have turned woman into 'out of bound' character ready to strip and shows assets as a mark of freedom!

Those who aren’t doing so prod other by thoughts permissive tendencies and derring-dos;

Is it freedom that stole her faminine beauties and made her so bold to be ready for anything and few wad of notes, glamor of playing to the gallery?!

Woman in a chase of 'gender-equality' lost her own originality and precious asset of shame

She is what she is today because of her thought!

Thought if nurtured for good, becomes reflective of true human Thought if wasted for not thinkig sane outpours the violence of insanity that sweeps away all values in a deluge of immorality.

This is happenng today! We haven’t thought of thought 'as it is’!

Beastiality became brave and morality turned meek!

This is the negative power of Thought!

Bear in mind....!!!

Sultan Akhtar Patel