The thinking behind #MalaysiaMemilih and #MalaysiaBaharu?

Muzaffar Mustapa
Aug 11, 2018 · 7 min read

The full documentation submitted for Best in Social Media Engagement category for Asian Digital Media Awards 2018.

Malaysia Memilih is Astro AWANI extensive election coverage combining in-depth analysis, advanced augmented reality presentation and big data analytics for Malaysia’s 14th General Elections.

From #MalaysiaMemilih To #MalaysiaBaharu is the social media engagement initiatives for the election described as social media election.


It only happens once every five years, and this year, nearly 15 million eligible voters will face the ballot box to honour their constitutional rights for the most-awaited democracy festival, Malaysia’s 14th General Election — marked as the toughest fight ever to the corridor of power, Putrajaya.

Astro AWANI re-galvanised its signature programming, Malaysia Memilih and the team embarked the campaign with #MalaysiaMemilih as the core arc hashtag for the overall coverage. For almost a month, our prime objectives are to boost audience engagement on our triple screens simultaneously and to nurture our audience with the back-to-basics on ground people’s stories. While acknowledging politics as part of our life and how it’s affecting our daily life, Astro AWANI coined various thematic hashtags to complement the core arc hashtag.

What is #MalaysiaMemilih?

#MalaysiaMemilih has unanimously been the arc hashtag for Astro AWANI election coverage. As the core arc hashtag, every election-related article posted on social media carries the hashtag for social media monitoring, listening and reporting dashboard.

Throughout the campaign period, #MalaysiaMemilih channel bug appears on TV screen throughout the campaign period. TV anchors remind our viewers to include the hashtag on their social media on a daily basis.

The final countdown of the campaign period for PH and BN was transmitted live on Twitter.

The transition from black & white to the colour concept in the poster symbolized from gloomy sad to vibrantly happy life in Malaysia post GE14.

What is #AkuMengundiMana?

On the 29th of March 2018, the last day of the 13th Dewan Rakyat Parliamentary Session…

On the day the parliament passed the motion on the re-delineation of electoral boundaries, some of the responsible and eligible voters raised up controversial discussion on the changes of voting constituency. By using the hashtag #AkuMengundiMana, the timeline went havoc with the flood of angry postings questioning the Election Commission action.

English: “Where Is My Voting Constituency?”

What is #TerimaKasihYB?

On the 6th of April 2018, the dissolution day of 13th Parliament…

After the parliament dissolution, towards a better Malaysia, we urged our viewers and audience to bid farewell and thank their MP whom we addressed as YB (Yang Berhormat). After the dissolution, a series of tweets with hashtag #TerimaKasihYB overflowing the timeline and attracted striking engagement including from the YB themselves.

English: “Thank You MP”

What is #JomBalikMengundi?

When the Election Commission announced the polling day which is on Wednesday, the netizens who are the first-time voters were outraged due to the chance of going back to vote was almost impossible.

Decided after an impromptu meeting, Astro AWANI as a media company must commence a PSA to motivate and encourage the citizens to go back to vote. On the timeline, other rational netizen created #PulangMengundi movement and supported by Astro AWANI using own hashtag #JomBalikMengundi.

English: “Let’s Go Back To Vote”

What is #IniManifestoSaya?

The hashtag is to encourage the netizens to share their aspirations toward the country in the next five years. When the previous government coalition party, Barisan Nasional announced their manifesto, we inspired our audience to hold onto their hope and continue to have a positive belief for the nation by sharing their manifesto.

English — “This Is My Manifesto”

What is #AwakKatMana?

Astro AWANI mobilised 14 journalists to all 14 states in Malaysia for the Malaysia Memilih coverage this year. Audience keep on asking us on who’s covering what and where. #AwakKatMana answers their questions.

English — “Where Are You?”

What is #IniKisahKita?

#IniKisahKita takes our audience to experience other Malaysians daily life. We decided to use Kita (Our), instead of Anda (You) to symbolise that we are sharing the same daily struggle too. In one way, the hashtag connects our brand closer to the audience.

English : “This Is Our Story”

What is #SainganSengit?

#SainganSengit follows the journey of the candidates as part of the election process, the nomination day. When every contest is a do-or-die battle, we mark every contestation as of the fierce fighting.

English: “Tough Fight”

What is #KalauAkuJadiYB?

Previously, our audience shared their aspirations using #IniManifestoSaya. So to tell the same narrative from the candidates’ perspective, the story was written to point out the candidates’ goals in answering the issue faced by the people.

English: “If I Got Elected As The YB?”

The Polling Day #MalaysiaMemilih

The primary focus of the voting day is to compile and repromoted our previous efforts in between 8 am to 5 pm. We keep on reminding our audience to share their photos at the polling station, showing their fingers with the indelible ink, the unusual queue or any incidents at the polling station (if any). Our audience could see how busy our social media timeline was with various content including CTA post to download our #PilihanSaya mobile app while waiting for their turn to vote, browse through our #MalaysiaMemilih portal and the reminder to alert the voters to go vote as earliest as possible.

After ten days of campaigning, we continue to follow several personalities to cast their votes. The hashtag was on the trending topic when close to 10 million viewers watch us on television interacted on mobile while watching our live program. The hashtag reached its peak when a political analyst criticised the Election Commission live on-air. Viewers were shocked at what they saw on tv but praised us for standing by the principle of fair and balanced media coverage.

What is #PilihanMalaysia?

#PilihanMalaysia brings colours to the grayscale poster immediately after the result officially declared. Our audience on the timeline still in the mood of toasting our outstanding coverage and we continue to inspire them by giving hope for a better Malaysia under the new government of Pakatan Harapan.

English — “Decided by Malaysians”

Road To Putrajaya #JalanKePutrajaya

9th May, 7.37pm

9th May, 8.53pm

9th May, 10.18pm

9th May, 10.18pm

10th May, 1.20am

10th May, 1.42am

10th May, 4.40am

What is #MalaysiaBaharu?

#MalaysiaBaharu embarks on its journey when all eyes are focusing on Tun Mahathir Mohamad following his rough trip to meet the King for swearing-in ceremony as Malaysia’s 7th Prime Minister. Our audience skyrocketed close to 11 million viewers, and on social media timeline, we utilise the new audience enthusiasm by engaging them in our social media conversation. Astro AWANI continues to broadcast the #MalaysiaBaharu hashtag for the next 100 days, as promised by Pakatan Harapan to fulfil the ten promises in their manifesto. Our audience can track the Pakatan Harapan Manifesto Tracker on

English — “New Malaysia”

Muzaffar Mustapa

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Muzaffar Mustapa venturing digital agency The BDSM Consulting, former Astro AWANI analogue disruptor, touchscreen manipulator, social media & digital strategy.

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