SUL Report 2

Experiment 2:

Following the analysis of results of our first experiment, we decided to pivot towards focusing on small shop owners in Trento. We decided to build on this after we discovered that many of the international students we interviewed did not have a problem paying for things as our initial assumptions led us to believe. Students were content with the status quo of payments. The new hypothesis was as follows:

Customer: Small shop owners in Trento e.g. Tabacchi, Bar, Ice cream shop

Problem: Loss of customers due to rejection of purchases with specific international payment cards that are not supported

Riskiest Assumption: People have cards that the small shop owners do not accept

Success criterion: 5/8 small shop owners mentioning that they experience issues with customer payments related to international cards

Results: Our main problem hypothesis was validated but compelling evidence pointed to a more pressing pain, which was that small shop owners were often forced to refuse certain international cards because they usually carry high commission charges. This seemed like the most serious lead out of the experiment data but we decided that it is not a problem we can solve. The solution for this problem would involve highly regulated payment practices and there are already big players in this problem space. We have since pivoted towards exploring a new problem definition and we are currently doing experiments to validate the new hypothesis.