Sherlock Season 4 Predictions!

Remember, when Sherlock killed Magnussen in the last episode of Season 3..

At that time, Mary was Super-Pregnant. So we can expect a Baby in Season 4. So an Assasin Mother with a Kid…May be she tries to protect her baby from those bad guys out there who wish to harm John’s family.

But, Mary has to die because in Conan’s Novel John dies as Single. So, we can expect some tragedy which befalls upon John’s family.

Molly almost broke-up her engagement with Tom, so we can also predict that Molly’s intense shower of love for Sherlock will be back again.

And yeah! Irene Adler?? Remember her!

We know Irene is alive,safe somewhere.

We know who kills Irene Adler in the novel? James Moriarty (Jim).

So Irene is alive and Moriarty is dead, that doesn’t make sense to me.

Maybe, Jim wasn’t Moriarty at all; Maybe he was a puppet actor. ☺ We can expect the Real Moriarty to appear.

That’s all I got for you guys.

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