Pause, and appreciate your hard work

It was a weekend. Me and my friend, Rick were in Michigan on to way to meet our old school friend who came to the US on a business trip.

The roads were smooth, lines white and bright, with lots of curves and a 70 speed limit. I would rate the traffic, medium-high.

While traveling, I felt Rick was going a bit fast, so I insisted him to slow down. He told, “I’m in 72”. I thought Okay and got immersed in deep thoughts watching the traffic flowing.

Out of the blue, “Rick, why is everyone in such a hurry all the time? Do they even know what their destination is? Why do they just flow with the crowd?”, I uttered. He absolutely had no idea what I was talking about.

“What do you mean? I didn’t get you. What are you even talking about?”, he asked.

I paused, trying to frame proper sentences in my mind. “Why are people in such a hurry all the time not knowing what their destination is? Why don’t they just pause and enjoy the beauty? Why don’t they appreciate themselves for where they are right now? Life is not easy……”, I kept talking and talking. Rick gave me this ‘what-are-you-even-talking’ look. I understood that I had so many different thoughts running in my mind at once and what’s coming out of my mouth made no sense to the person listening to it.

Then I started to calm down, gather all my thoughts and then started to speak.

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People running in a race

Wherever you are in life right now, is because of your extreme hard work. To be more specific, you worked your ass off to be where you are right now. By ‘where you are’ it could mean, your education, your bank balance, the place where you live in, the food you eat everyday, your mental and physical health, doing something to the society etc etc etc. Comparing yourself to where you were 10 years ago, you evolved as a person, you’ve earned a couple of degrees, you bagged a decent job, you started to earn, you traveled several places and you met different people from different backgrounds. Life has not been easy. Was it? No. But you are so strong that you never gave-up and look at you, you are ‘here’ today. How proud would your 10 year old self be about who and where you are in life, today?

But, why don’t we realize that ever? Why can’t we just pause for some time, take a deep breath and look back at the path we walked to reach where we are today? Boy, it was not a cakewalk definitely. It’s your blood, sweat and tears. Your journey had low grades, sleepless nights, foolish fights, back-stabs, discouragement and fools saying, “Oh, you can’t do it”. But boy, Oh Boy… look at you. Look at where you are right now! You earned that degree, you topped in a subject, you traveled to an entirely different country going through all that hideous paperwork, faced so many rejections from family and friends, paid your bills with your hard earned money, slept hungry many nights, faced all the cultural differences, away from family, festivals and traditions…. And what not! The list can go on…

We are all so busy in moving forward, in fact running in the race not knowing where exactly we are heading to. We fail to appreciate ourselves. We get so inspired reading success stories of successful entrepreneurs, their journey is absolutely motivating, but we should also realize that their journey is no less than ours. It’s just that they earn huge numbers and impact the world in a positive way on a larger scale. Remember they were also ‘no one’ before they became ‘someone’.

I know we don’t have much time in this busy race to sit down and write about our accomplishments and feel proud. But, in mind, we can pause in the race and think about our amazing roller coaster ride of life. The race is going nowhere, it will be there forever. Let us try to appreciate the nature around, the beauty of cultures and people, the education and knowledge we gained and the position we are in right NOW.

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I love the way photographs pause the moment

It is also true that, “Life should go on. It can’t stop”.

I did not say stop, I said, ‘pause’. When you bloody have time to scroll through the news feed for hours not knowing what exactly you are looking for, and not knowing when to stop, then there is definitely time to pause and appreciate your own self.

Race is not going anywhere and you are not going to die tomorrow. Even if you are, you die happy realizing the fact that you have been a fighter and you die a fighter.

Stay strong and let us appreciate our tough journey :)

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