5 Cost Effective and Positive Home Decor Tips

Owning a house can be expensive; no matter which part of the world you live in. But how to decorate the home is your choice. A home should represent your: personal style, personality, what you love, and it shouldn't have to be expensive.

Sometimes it can be hard to afford things according to your taste, but there are ways to cut cost, and still get fantastic ideas for your home. Wouldn't you love to find ways in your everyday life to save money and get wonderful decor ideas? Here are some of the best money saving decor ideas for your home-which not just enhances the appearance of your home but also brings positive energy into the home.

  1. ) Know your budget BEFORE you begin:
    If not the most important thing, it is an important factor. Budget helps you keep things under control; it helps you to know where to spend your money wisely.

2.) Start at the front door:
The first thing people notice about your home is the front gate. It should be simple yet stylish. According to feng-shui: if the door is the north direction; it should be colored in bold colours like red, orange, or yellow, if it is the east direction; then brown color is considered good.

A colorful door with a stylish door locker and handle adds beauty to the simple design of the door.

3.) Entry
The second noticeable thing is the wall or the first room through the entry. If your place has a wall, then:
Decorate the wall with the wallpaper — they aren't expensive.
Use handicraft decorative in the entry room, to add a touch of personal style.
For positivism; add religious decorative items to the front wall or corner table in the room.

4.) Maximize your existing furniture:
If your sofa’s or chair fabric looks faded and distorted; re-upholstering it with updated colored, pattern and material.
Re-polish the wooden furniture or use a fresh coat of paint on existing frames.
Since, replacing cabinetry can be expensive. Re-facing its surface with the use of laminate and veneer will save you few bucks.

5.) Redesign your furniture layout:
Not many people think about it, but try utilizing your furniture in the best possible way.
Get rid of extra furniture in a garage sale, or online website.

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