The door pushed open slowly and I could feel something was coming close to me. I don’t open my eyes. I can sense that someone is close to my face. I breath slowly, as I get a distinct smell of that someone. Something wet, brushes on my cheeks. Then, the final attack, a lick on my face that instantly makes me jump out of bed with joy. I open my eyes to see the fifth member of my family, standing there wagging his tale and those lovely eyes that say everthing without uttering a single word.

“Come Billu”, I say as I walk towards the bathroom. He patiently waits outside for me to finish up. Then he runs around the house. Shhh… I say, other family members are a sleep. I grab the leash and he runs ahead towards the door. I open the door and he leaps towards the gate.

I check my watch, 5:30 AM. A chilly morning. A swift wind blows and I take deep breath. Opening the gate and we both are out in the world of ourselves. We walk for an hour, our usual road. There are lot of thing on the way for Billu. Some street dogs who are friendly, some who dislike him. There are other people who bring their dogs for walk. We chat a bit while the dogs get along playing.

Its 6:30, we have to get home I say. Billu looks at me as he though he understands me. Yes he does. We head home. Entering home, my mom has made tea for me. Buscuits are one the table. Billu sniffs around the table and sits close to me with those puppy eyes. Yes, I dint forget you, here you go. I give him the treat. He runs around the house again in happiness.My dad and brother wake up a little late, the moment they are up, Billu is there to greet them with all the love he has. I can only imagine how nice it is to wake up and be loved.

Its 9:30 AM. My mom prepares breakfast for us. Billu has this amazing ability that when he was hungry he went to bother my mom. He even that mom gave food. So would sit near to the kitchen and watch her work. My mom did not like dogs at first. When Billu entered our world things changed. She treated him like her own son. My mom used to talk to Billu while cooking and he listened to her with sense of understanding.

Sleep Billu. He slept for hours. Isn't that what dogs do all day. No, he was not a security gaurd. He had the right to sleep anywhere in the house. Why, because he was not a dog, but a human in dogs body. Sofa, carpet or anything where his mind wished. And it was his house too. So he knew how to protect it.

In the evening after school, my brother used to take him for a short walk. At night my dad and Billu went for walks. And the days would come to end. While sleeping, he would come into my room. I would say good night, give me a kiss and close my eyes. I knew there was someone ready to wake me up in the morning and that made me happy.

But those days came to end soon. Billu was diagnosed with something i dont recollect. He went thin. There was no much blood in him. He would vomit out anything he ate. I force fed him medicines and syrups. He could barely walk. I saw into his eyes and tears rolled down in mine. He looked at me with expressionless face. He dint have the strength to wag his tale.

The final day had come. I sat next to him on the floor. He slowly crawled towards me. I knew this was the moment. I put him on my lap. He gave me last stare. I saw the light disappear from his eyes. He’s breathing stopped. He was gone. Gone to doggy heaven. I don't know, he left us shattered. The same lap on which he played the day he arrived at my home. The same lap he said his goodbye.

On this day, he was born and I wish he had stayed bit longer.