Netflix is the new Cable

I used my free subscription for Netflix this month. Netflix provides 1 free month subscription per email. I had been waiting for the right time to use my subscription and I signed up on a boring Saturday night last month.

Netflix is awesome. Not in the sense that their website is better than their competition, not in the sense that their pricing is better. In the sense that their content is infinitely better than the competition. Netflix original content I mean, not the number of films and movies Netflix offers. Netflix’s Indian content is still pathetic and you hardly find good titles (in my view, Hotstar has more titles that are more relevant to the Indian market). But all of Netflix’s original content is available for Indian viewers.

The first thing that surprised me is the number of titles that were Netflix originals. I knew Netflix was focused on producing originals but there a lo-ot of titles. The whole browsing section was filled with Netflix originals and they varied across genres and formats.

I started with a movie or rather a documentary titled 13th. This was a movie about — “A chain of racial inequality forged by political and economic motives.” Weird, right? But that movie was astoundingly brilliant. I think everyone reading this should just close this tab and watch that movie and they will not be disappointed, it’s that good.

Over the weekend since I was bored, I logged into Netflix and tried another documentary. This time about Steve Jobs. Again, brilliant.

Then I thought maybe I should give this Stranger Things a try. Everyone’s talking about it. Maybe it will be interesting. The only reason why I wasn’t watching it was cause I am super-scared of horror movies. But I risked it and I was mind-blown.

Some parts of Stranger Things were so good, that for those brief moments I experienced bliss. I was mind blown at what Netflix could do and immediately shuffled through their original content. There was a show called “Chewing Gum” I went through it in one sitting. The best comedy I have seen in a long time. Then “Cosmos”. Yeah, science Bi*** I thought to myself. Black Mirror. Shook me. Narcos.. Luke Cage.. Mac and Devon go to High School./ Internet’s own boy. Daredevil. Look at that selection. Netflix is so good that it can entertain me successfully across multiple genres and types. And it always recommends the right things. Always.

I paid that damn 800 rs for this month’s subscription. I hate myself.

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