Why Netflix should buy TVF

Netflix is the perfect production house churning excellent original shows and TVF is the perfect content house in India creating pretty good content.

I was just looking at TVF’s 2 mn subscriber success video and they were talking about themselves. Their journey. And I felt they were talking in terms of an exact startup. They have a vision for the future and they are very passionate at producing good content. They understand what makes cinema and they are trying to find good hires. Startup material!

What Netflix needs in India is content, globally Netflix might be the king of content but in India, it’s attempts have mostly failed. Personally, I feel it’s because a global company can never understand India so well as we Indians do our fellow beings. TVF does exactly that, they understand us and produce consistently good content. Consistency for a production house should be the key in getting Netflix take a look at TVF.

Netflix could invest in TVF and provide them a better platform, a better technology and money. TVF could still be run independently without interference from Netflix. TVF still looking at streaming content only through TVF website/app. Netflix could compete with them in terms of getting more eye share. Might look as competitors but in the long game, this competitiveness will help both of them and both of them would make more revenues.

India is a huge country and we love our film. All you need to do is get the right pulse and when there’s an opportunity to invest in someone who has tapped that pulse, Netflix shouldn't let go.

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