Why Zebpay should hire me

Zebpay is India’s first bitcoin exchange founded in late 2012 and was voted as #1 Best New Company at CoinAgenda, Las Vegas 2014. You can buy and sell Bitcoin through INR on their android app. Zebpay takes customer’s KYC details and verifies thembefore allowing purchase of Bitcoin through internet banking payment.

I have been lingering around their job portal waiting for openings and as soon as I saw one, I jumped at it. But who does hiring the old way? So here goes my digital cover letter.

I discovered Bitcoin quite recently but in that short time, it has consumed me. I am really excited about the future of bitcoin and the possibilities that it holds for the world as it becomes a global currency. I fear that India might not partake in the early innovation gains that Bitcoin will generate and I will try to ensure that Indians don’t miss out on the upcoming financial revolution. I believe Bitcoin will continue to appreciate insanely and I advocate all my friends to own at least 1% of their assets in BTC.

The first step to people using and understanding bitcoin is to own bitcoin. The Bitcoin exchanges where fiat is exchanged into digital bits is the first step into the crypto world. Amongst the Indian bitcoin exchanges, I believe that Zebpay has a solid team and I believe in their mission. My opinion developed from the content that they put out, the patience they have displayed, and also the beautiful product that they have built.

All my life savings are invested in Bitcoin so naturally, I follow BTC’s price quite closely. I follow the BTC community actively and keep myself updated everyday of the happenings in the cryptosphere. Whether it be the split of Bitcoin into Bitcoin Cash or the Segwit lock-in, I try to understand the implications for bitcoin. This is important in context of the unpredictability in the ecosystem,we might move to Jihan Wu’s fork pretty soon as McAfee predicts at a price of nothing less than $500,000 per BTC.

I believe for a bitcoin trader to be successful, he/she should understand the fundamental technology underlying bitcoin as the price of this asset is derived from the technology underneath. With different scaling debates and upcoming hard forks, I read whitepapers and technical reviews of bitcoin upgrades to ensure I remain updated. I scour through conferences videos and blogs on Bitcoin while I ponder on the implications of the discoveries of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin brings along with it- a whole new decentralized world through blockchains. I believe that decentralization will become the key theme of future global products and I invest in ICO’s that are building the underlying protocols for the decentralized world. Based on my investing thesis, I am building a portfolio of tokens and will continue to keep investing in future protocols like Decentraland. Zebpay will soon launch alt-coins so a Zebpay employee should also have the understanding of the products being developed in this space and the products that will soon be built in India. ICO’s have disrupted how capital is raised typically: with far reaching implications, they are on their way to disrupt governance soon.

Zebpay is working at the bleeding edge of the future of everything. Their plans to release APIs excites me cause we, in India too, can incubate and give birth to permission-less, innovative, developer driven, smart-contracts powered, decentralized firms. I would love to be a part of the team that is working towards this future, where I get to talk and work bitcoin everyday.