It’s about WHO you are not what you are.
Why Are Women Marching?
Abbie Lu

Actually, it is. Male privileges are based on two very critical things: actions and responsibilities. Nearly all male privileges are gated behind biological differences, status, or success.

You want women to be able to have the muscles without doing the exercise. You want to have your cake and eat it, too. Selective equality is superiority. Where is the push for gender equality in jails, sentencing, hazardous labor, suicide rates, medical care, government entitlements, etc.?

Should women get to have all the privileges women have and all the privileges men have, but have none of the responsibilities of either? And until they do, do feminists get to whine online and lecture condescending into everyone else and tell all other women and men how secretly oppressed they are by a grand patriarchal conspiracy theory which is coincidentally just populist Marxism with gender instead of class?

I can name one or two legal rights women have that men don’t have. I have yet to find a single feminist that can do the reverse. The rights they advocate for are not human rights or legal rights but some kind of nebulous, ill-defined social entitlements such as the right to feel safe at night or the right to never be discriminated against or the right to get more pay for less valuable work.

But this was never about women’s rights: just see how feminists treat conservative women! This is really about the right for a narcissistic fee to blame society for all of their perceived slights and the right to virtue signal and show the rest of us unwashed masses how much morally superior they are by fighting for the “rights@ of women (that no one but them asked for).