And please, be smart enough not be fooled by pickup artist hype; there are very, very few women today who actually want this kind of relationship and who are also temperamentally suited to play this role in it. If you do find a woman like this she will probably have few, if any, ambitions of her own, and likely little interest in discussing abstract concepts.
When He Doesn’t Want To Wear The Pants
Vee Kinsley

Actually this seems like the most common type of women: non-feminist women who think gender roles are a useful and not oppression. Do you think women who want to follow must have no ambitions or thoughts of her own? I’ve yet to meet one, personally.

My personal experience is that even taking to account high dominance women, 80% of them can only operate in a relation where the man leads. I have met countless intelligent, ambitious women who will not bother dating men who do not take charge and lead. Why would men want to follow if women do not like that?