Postmodern Feminism is essential
Estelle Guérinault

In our society sexism is unavoidable, due to the emphasis we put on beauty.

Beauty for women. If that means sexism, so does the emphasis we place on man’s wallet. A man toils and sacrifices his body to produce money (just look at male life expectancies and workplace fatalities and overtime hours), so in both cases yes, how they use their bodies is judged.

I was intrigued by Walter’s recognition of society’s tolerance of hyper sexualisation.

Actually, our society right now is in many ways pretty puritanical. It claims tolerance of sexuality, but many forms of it are being shunned, claimed to be perverted, or are outright illegal. Try making a sexy game? Sexualized violence is considered hundreds of times worse than regular violence. Sexy virtual women getting beaten up is considered to be a larger issue than actual women getting beaten up. It’s been a pretty sex-negative experience to me.

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