I’m sorry but I’ve had enough of what men need to do.
Rand Hooks

Don’t let it get to you. It’s not actually about men. Feminism is just current incarnation of a Mean Girl’s club for women who refuse personal responsibility and accountability and men who hate masculinity.

See, feminism absolutely hates most women’s free choice. It hates young women. It hates stay-at-home mothers. It hates conservative women. It hates anti-feminist women. It hates beautiful women. And it especially hates their life choices and decisions.

But they can’t say women are making the wrong choices and should instead end up as a miserable, shrill harpy who can never take responsibility for their own life. They can’t go against the very gynocentrism they pushed.

So they just blame men, men whom they don’t even understand because the men who care don’t matter and the men who matter don’t care. Young women need to become wageslaves like men because it’s empowering to give up on life. Stay-at-home moms are victims of the patriarchy. Conservative women have internalized misogyny. Anti-feminist women are just trying to be cool girls. Beautiful women aren’t role models realistic and are also victims of the “male gaze.” Women are not allowed to make their own choices and succeed or fail like men do. They have to be dragged down and remain forever coddled children like feminists.

So if a feminist tells you how to live, just ask yourself if you would ever want to be who they are or be with someone like them. It’s funny how all the happily married women I know are anti-feminist. 😂

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