Emotional Labor, Or: Women Are Better At Things Like That
Kelsey Zimmerman

Emotional labor is a very “Princess and the Pea” thing. If you feel like you deserve to be better financially compensated for emotional labor, then fight for it!

The thing is, emotional labor is unskilled labor. There are no qualifications beyond being a normal human. It is not at all restricted to female-dominated fields. Do you think men don’t restrict their emotions to please others? Come on. That’s what men have been taught to do since birth — eschew emotions. Emotions are a luxury for women, they are told.

And regardless of the arguments for or against emotional labor, you are not a man. You have not lived the male experience. You do not know what labors men undergo. Men are not your punching bag. Perhaps we should start charging women for catering to their fragile egos?

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