I am so tired.
H. Nemesis Nyx

Equality isn’t a buffet where you get to pick all the rights and take none of the responsibilities.

Men get women pregnant and say “it’s not mine” all the time.

Men don’t get women pregnant. Men have sex with women, which may lead to impregnation if they are both not using birth control. Women have agency — they aren’t just helpless damsels to be impregnated. Aren’t they supposed to be strong and empowered?

In some situations it is hard to know who is the father. Please let me know how that is the man’s fault.

Also, your last bit about the turkey baster thing is just stupid. So you want to write laws because it happened more than once according to YOU?

I guess injustices are ok as long as they don’t happen to you. You have a stunning lack of empathy for people not in your ingroup.

This is so sloppy and lazy. You can do better.

Projection. I don’t have the time to write preach to the choir about my feelings multiple times a day. I am here to make a difference. I want other people — especially liberals — to know there’s a liberal worldview that still exists based on rationalism, not social marxism, patriarchy theory, and gynocentric moralizing.

These are your beliefs and I don’t know where they come from but they are half baked at best.

Projection. I try to conduct some amount of research and gather reasoning from even people, even those I disagree with. You continue stay in your echo chamber undergoing rapid evaporative cooling. I think you do it because you want to be morally righteous: you are better than all those other bigoted white people because you are “woke” because you follow some BLM members. It’s like the Dunning-Kruger version of enlightment.

I will concede that my skin color does look half-baked, though. 👳🏽

Also, some pro-life women argue that pro-choice further strengthens the idea that reproduction is wholly a woman’s responsibility.

And that’s the one thing they’re correct in. It’s a biological fact. Ignoring that may make you feel morally superior but the rest of us have to live in reality where our feelings and viewpoints aren’t coddled and where we have to suffer the consequences of our actions. In this day and age and civilization, men can’t force women to bear children. Women can get pregnant without a man’s consent to reproduction.

If you want to lower birth rates, for example, either you can try and convince every single man to always use birth control, or you can convince a small amount of women. Society has always attempted to control reproduction via women because doing it through men is a waste of time. Conformism isn’t sexy.

I’m sorry your penis wont accept an IUD

I’m sorry your brain won’t accept more than one viewpoint.

I hardly think that’s a woman’s fault or a product of unfairness / inequality for men! It’s a matter of plumbing and science.

We give women — especially single women — financial and social incentives for having kids. We do this through federal aid programs, tax benefits, government-mandated child support. Overall, men are net tax producers and women are net tax consumers. We have multiple female-only programs, benefits, and systems funded by everyone’s tax dollars. But try to find me a single government subsidized domestic violence shelter for men. I’ll be waiting.

Do you think men and women are the same? If so, why do only women get the right to bodily autonomy and integrity? If you think they are different, then at what point do women have to start being responsible for their actions?

If you feel attacked, then you have an idea of how I feel. If you think my character is valid to attack, maybe you shouldn’t leave snippy insinuations when you respond to your cheerleaders. You should direct them at me so that I can respond. It might help, however, if you would stop validating Sargon’s law with every accusation.

I make it a rule of thumb to avoid personal attacks because frankly I can do better. And usually it would be fallacious. I have refrained from personally attacking you, H. Nemesis Nyx, because it’s neither necessary nor productive. I have cogent arguments that while often imperfect are still based on rational ideas and factual evidence. But there are no actual ideas of yours to argue against. Ultimately, all you have is moral indignation and the expectation that I and everyone you disagree with should cater to your perpetual offense. DARVO is not an argument, it’s just a manipulation tactic.

The biggest difference between you and me is that I don’t expect the world to conform to my emotions.

You do.

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