That may be true in some cases but I would hazard those cases are <~1% of all rape cases.

False accusations are somewhere around 20–40%, actually.

As a woman, I can tell you it wouldn’t be worth it (time spent, reputation destroyed, being called a slut, whore, etc.) just to tarnish someone’s reputation and try to get any financial compensation (which is incredibly dubious in the first place).

Who all is saying that? Mass media or some random commenters on Facebook? Are we talking about 1980 or 2016? Because in 2016, it’s the men that get dragged through the mud and tried in the court of public opinion by mass media, not the women, even when it’s later proven completely fabricated. Why do you think lynchings and executions of poor men, especially black men, happened? Far easier to say you were coerced than to have to admit to miscegenation. I’m certain white women, especially middle and upper-class white women, are the most socially protected class in modern Western society.

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