Are women leeches sucking the money from men’s wallets? — I decided to find out.
Milo Axelrod

Good on you for digging up the numbers.

However, you are assuming men and women are the same, with both the same wants and same responsibilities. They are not. Only women can reliably choose to be single parents and receive government entitlements for their choice. Men cannot. In fact, can you name a single government program designed to only financially assist men? It might exist, but I’m not aware of one.

Men do pay more in taxes than women and women do receive more in benefits than men. (I wouldn’t really call Social Security and entitlement since you have to pay in beforehand anyway.)

I believe one of the conservative arguments goes like this: women desire families far sooner than men do. Historically, they had to marry a man to help support them since she would require his resources to help create a family with him. Now that is no longer necessary as women can easily have sex without taking contraception, keep a baby regardless of the father’s wishes, and on top of that make the father pay her for 18 years despite a lack of consent. In this sense, all men are mandatorily financing many single mothers either through child support or taxes and entitlement programs. Why should a women have to maintain a healthy weight and fuck a man if she can get the needed money anyway through the government?

Now I don’t think women as a class are leeching off the government. But that’s to numerous women-orientated laws and entitlements, some women can indeed “leech” the system far better than men can.

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