How to tell when someone is full of shit on Medium

It’s an increasingly common sight in the more progressive hashtags on Medium. Given how the already incredibly progressive leanings of the site and it’s liberal blocking tools, why would an author choose to use this function? What does it mean when they do?

  • They are interested only in talking down and lecturing others. They are here for the self-righteous vindication and intellectual masturbation, actual social justice be damned. How better else to improve a movement with health discourse to challenge and strengthen its core values? It’s almost as if it’s about them and not anyone else…
  • They cannot withstand any criticism. Maybe being shown how wrong they are over and over again by superior data, methodologies, and analysis has finally got to them. They may even think being shown how factually incorrect they are is now harassment — they feel right, damnit, and that should be enough for the rest of us!
  • The emperor has no clothes. Go into any story with more than 100 hearts saying how all women or all minorities are X and there is invariably a woman or minority telling the author: no, we are not all X, stop trying to speak for all of us.

Whenever you see a closed comment sections or disabled responses, you should ask: why is only their voice important but not mine?