Not Every Guy is Machista, But This One Was
Brigette Lugo

I call it attractiveness blinders. When it happens to women, they think all men act as the men they choose to interact with — men bearing certain characteristics.

You were attracted to an attractive, assertive man that was your “knight in shining armor”. If he didn’t have the pelotas to say what he thought, then you wouldn’t have found him attractive enough to spend the night with in the first place. If his machismo was so patronizing, then why didn’t you spend the night with someone with a different attitude?

Just like women engineer themselves to be attracted to their desired gendered, so do men. You guys didn’t just randomly have a connection — he built one. He played his game and is a reflection of how women treat him in kind. Face it: that attitude is attractive to enough women for him to keep having it.

Funny how the most sexually-appealing, attractive men are the most misogynistic…

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