I’m sorry that you are feeling shamed by my post.
kelly kend

I can’t feel shame for a post that doesn’t apply to me.

The Huffington Post article you linked says equality feels like oppression. And it’s true. There is at least one scientific study that says when are treated exactly the same as men, women believe it is misogyny. When feminist women are asked to put away their sexual privilege, they immediately use that same privilege to defend themselves from criticism.

I do not claim to know how it is on the female experience. But I can tell you from experience with the women I know, verbal affirmative consent is not sexy. It is unmasculine and unattractive to them. There are many stories of women who were disappointed, even angry their date didn’t just “man up” and take them which they found sexually arousing when the date went well. This would be rape according to your usage, so these women would be literally asking to be raped. Which is ludicrous.

Women are by far the largest violators of affirmative verbal consent. You should work to educate them just as much as men.

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