I don’t wholly disagree with you, and we might even be able to have a productive conversation if…
kelly kend

I don’t wholly disagree with you, and we might even be able to have a productive conversation if you could put away your hatred of feminists.

I don’t get the tone policing. I never said I hated feminists. We are having a productive conversation right now; I’m trying to understand the reasons for your viewpoints.

As it is, I fail to see how a woman getting angry at a date is anywhere near as serious as rape.

You’re missing the point.

Also, if your friends want to have sex without a man asking, it’s not rape. Rape is sex a woman doesn’t want.

So you’re saying rape can only happen to a woman, and a man can never be raped. Why is that? Why is it rape for a woman, but only sexual assault for a man when both are sexually violated? Why is it ok for a woman to have sex without asking, but not a man?

What I advocate for people being 100% sure that both parties agree to have sex. It’s really hard to do that without talking.

Talking is not always necessary to establish consent, even enthusiastic consent. Are you not aware that there are ways for women to throw themselves at men without saying a word?

I know that this reality is disappointing for some men and women, but their disappointment is not a bigger deal than what happens when someone thinks their partner wants it and is wrong.

I’m personally not a fan of interfering in people’s private sex lives. Sure, its bad, but is it the worst thing that ever happened?

Also, it’s worth noting that most rapes aren’t miscommunications. Most of them are people who don’t care about consent.

If rape is sex that the woman does not want, what if the women is just doing duty sex for her boyfriend? Technically she doesn’t want it, but she’s doing it anyway for other reasons. Why is that rape?

Again, if you stopped hating on feminists for 30 seconds, you might realize you agree with many of them on that score.

Critique is not hate. You need to find something constructive to attack.

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