Women’s History Month: I Raised My Daughter To Be A Warrior — Here Are Six Pivotal Messages For My…
Milinda Martin

I’m sorry, but this is a very good way to raise your son to be miserable. This is how you teach your son to let women walk all over him. This is how you foil your son’s love life before it starts and how you destroy his ability to form a healthy sense of masculinity.

Boys need positive male role models, not more feminism. Being a single mom, it is doubly important he has access to this. When women try to teach boys how to be men, disaster often results. Women do not know the pressures and struggles that are unique to the male experience. (Hint: if you say there are none, or they are any less than girls’, you are part of the problem.)

If you want a son that is truly pro-women, he needs to see this demonstrates in men, not women. I hope you’ve already covered that base!